How much does money matter in dating

We could seriously think about how to overcome the house edge.

Without the patience to see this method through, it will not work, despite the math and exploits behind it. These are the colors 'black' or 'red'.

We test dozens of casinos every month, so don't waste your time trying to apply this strategy manually on any online casinos which aren't on this list – or even worse, at those offline casinos! Unless you already know about this flaw, it's virtually impossible to find, which is why the casinos we list don't know about it yet.

As casinos find out about these exploits, they'll fix them: but don't worry!

You can also bet on the set of numbers '1-18' and '19-36', and 'even' or 'odd' numbers, but they are really hard to track.

So, we will concentrate on 'black' and 'red' colors only. First you must wait for a run of play where the same color is spun eight (8) times in a row. If you had a run where black came up eight times, your 9th bet should be red, and vice versa.

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